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 Viper Phase1 vinyl soundtrack

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PostSubject: Viper Phase1 vinyl soundtrack   Viper Phase1 vinyl soundtrack Clock_9Sun 29 Jan 2017 - 20:03

Bootleg store (a Japanese company) released its first vinyl on January 27:  "Viper Phase 1. LP". Viper Phase1 is a shmup from Seibu Kaihastu released in 1995 and a spin-off in the Raiden series set in space.

An event to present the soundtrack is held at the Takadanobaba Game Center Mikado today. Visitor will enjoy a mini talk live with Go Sato (the game music composer) and will have an unique occasion to purchase a limited edition of the Viper Phase1 LP with Go Sato signature.

If you want to buy it, you can contact Bootleg store via their Facebook page:

■ Product information
"Viper Phase 1. LP"
(12 inch LP piece / 33 RPM / 18 songs recorded)

■ Price
4,800 yen (excluding tax)

■ Tracks included
A01 Title~Coin
A02 Go Straight Ahead!! -Stage1-
A03 Outer Space -Stage2-
A04 Mission Striker -Stage3-
A05 Forcing Breakthrough -Stage4-
A06 Fear of Approaching -Boss-
A07 Stage Clear
A08 Insert Demo

B01 Invisible Enemy -Stage5-
B02 Counteroffensive -Stage6-
B03 Unknown Threat -Stage7-
B04 Destiny -Stage8-
B05 Good Ending
B06 Ranking
B07 Bad Ending
B08 Continue~Game Over
B09 Rom Forwarding
B10 Unused Music

■ 1 liner note inclusion
Interview with Go Sato and song review.

Viper Phase1 vinyl soundtrack Viper_01

Viper Phase1 vinyl soundtrack Viper_02

Viper Phase1 vinyl soundtrack Viper_03
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Viper Phase1 vinyl soundtrack
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