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 Dido Kart 2

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PostSubject: Dido Kart 2   Dido Kart 2 Clock_9Sat 8 Jun 2024 - 21:23

Dido Kart 2 Didokart2_01

Dido Kart 2 is a racing game for kids from InJoy Motion.


– Exclusive to arcades with no console release planned and no home controller can reproduce the motion effects
– Sequel to InJoy’s popular Dido Kart racing game
– Chose from six different animal racers such as Bully Shark, Bonnie the rabbit, Armspon the panda, Speedy the gator and more
– Grab power-ups to turn the tide of any race in an instant
– Time Attack and Battle Modes are player selectable
– 42″ HD display
– Force feedback steering wheel
– Motion base available in two styles: AIR (air compressor & bladders) or the MDX (traditional electric motors & metal arms)
– Link up to four units together for multiplayer battles

This is the story of justice and evil in Kaka town
A magical gem that can make the villagers of Kaka town grow healthily was taken away by the dragon. The lives of the villagers are at stake. Just as the lotus withered and the mold virus was on its way. A nonsensical martial arts conference confiscated all the weapons of the villagers of Kaka town. The days without weapons forced all the masters in the village to go out for a wander. Only through 5 tracks to defeat the dragon and regain the gems can you change the healthy life of the villagers. So, the 5-man team headed by Lancelot started their racing treasure hunt..

Dido Kart 2 Didokart2_02

Dido Kart 2 Didokart2_03

Dido Kart 2 Didokart2_04

Dido Kart 2 Didokart2_05

Dido Kart 2 Didokart2_06
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Dido Kart 2
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