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 Dido Kart

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PostSubject: Dido Kart   Dido Kart Clock_9Fri 21 Jan 2011 - 1:48

Dido Kart Dido_kart_logo
Dido Kart is a kart racing game by Injoy Motion.

Dido Kart est un jeu de course de karting par Injoy Motion.

- Up to 4 players.
- Motion seat.

Over the past centuries, the Jade Emperor, who invited the animals in creation to the last race, has been bothered by the never-ending complaints: “The race was null and void because the rat cheated in the race!” “I am the hottest animal now and should be included on the Chinese Zodiac.” The Jade Emperor could not withstand these complaints, and decided to revive the race for all animals to decide the new animals and their places on the Chinese Zodiac.
That is all the game is about.

Gameplay video:
Dido Kart MDX:

Dido Kart Dido_kart_cab

Dido Kart Dido_kart_ss01

Dido Kart Dido_kart_ss02

Dido Kart Dido_kart_ss03

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Dido Kart
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