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 Yatagarasu - Enter The Eastward

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PostSubject: Yatagarasu - Enter The Eastward   Yatagarasu - Enter The Eastward Clock_9Sat 9 Mar 2024 - 15:22

Yatagarasu - Enter The Eastward Yatagarasueast_01

Yatagarasu Enter The Eastward is available on NESiCAxLive2 since February 15th. This is the sequel to Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, it introduces a new parallel world with new characters and gameplaywhile preserving the classic 2D fighting game format.

Three new characters are available.

The game also features an in-game collaboration with Mad Catz in the form of stages inspired by the renowned maker of gaming hardware.

Dec 25th, 1926. The imperial era name transitions to "Kobun” and seems to herald the dawn of a new period in history.
But behind the scenes, a Japanese nationalist revolutionary group has staged a coup d’etat with the goal of restoring "the divine nation of Japan." The revolutionaries acted swiftly, seizing control of the Prime Minister’s residence, the police department, major corporations, and newspapers.
Struggling to react, former government forces initiated a secret plan to eliminate key figures involved in the coup through an assassination program known as "Yatagarasu." This covert opeation was assigned to the "Iga Clan", a ninja clan that exists today as an intelligence agency and who are also known as "Government Dogs."

New Characters:

Ugui (VA: Shinobu Matsumoto)
An elderly butler who serves the last descendant of the now-deposed Suitoku royal family. Wugui was retained by the former king, but his demeanor and skills are uncharacteristic of a butler and his background is shrouded in mystery. He intends to use the current unrest in Japan to manipulate the government and restore the royal family.
"It's time to purge."

Ao Tienyi (VA: Yumiri Hanamori)
The last living descendant of the Suitoku royal family. When the royal family was dethroned, she was spirited away by Wugui and lived in hiding. She has agreed to Wugui’s plan to use the current unrest in Japan to rebuild her former kingdom. Tienyi is naturally timid, but decided to take on the role of the "bright and cheerful princess" after being deeply moved by Kotaro's acting.

Sistan (VA: Hisako Kanemoto)
Originally an automated doll designed to bring joy to people, Sistan was reprogrammed by a certain nation to become a secret operative. She was dispatched to Japan on a mission to locate a ‘Divine Drive’ said to be able to predict any event or grant wishes.


Yatagarasu - Enter The Eastward Yatagarasueast_01

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Yatagarasu - Enter The Eastward
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