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PostSubject: GladMort   GladMort Clock_9Sun 16 Jun 2024 - 18:33

GladMort Gladmort_01

PixelHeart et Chipsonsteroids (NeoTris developers) will release a new MSV Neo-GEO game thanks to Kickstarter: GladMort. This action-platformer is inspired by the gameplay of Ghosts 'n Goblins and Magician Lord, with art direction and humour akin to Metal Slug. GladMort will not only test your patience.


In a faraway kingdom in a land of legend, a mysterious plague of unknown origin has rapidly infected the population. Dubbed the "Red Plague", the evil nature of the phenomenon is unmistakable: the dead begin to rise from their graves, and demonic incarnations begin to appear. Within months, the dead form an evil army commanded by the Lords of Darkness. Villages and towns begin to be ravaged, the demonic legions growing with each victory.

Attempting to resist the repeated and tireless assaults of the monster hordes, day and night, summer and winter, the last armies of exhausted men finally collapse. As the scourge continued its relentless invasion, the strength left the hearts of men and the few survivors gathered together, occasionally populating a fortified town in a remote region.

With all hope of reconquering a better world seemingly in vain, the king of these lands decided in a last hope to use an evil relic to ward off evil with evil. This artifact gives the user the power to summon a mysterious black knight: GladMort!!! Endowed with supernatural strength and questionable charisma, he is capable of summoning black magic and wielding ancestral weapons. The fate of humanity is now in the hands of our anti-hero...


Play as GladMort: a tough black knight battling demonic forces... Does he want to save humanity or just have fun?

Make your way through the 5 levels, kicking the butt of enemies specific to their environment. Use your double jump to dodge enemies and traps, or to reach certain platforms.

As in Ghost'n Goblins, you can only be hit twice before losing a life. The first time, you lose your armor, but you can continue to fight the forces of evil in UNDIES! (Yes, just like in Ghost'n Goblins). Get hit again, however, and you'll lose your life miserably. Losing a life takes you back to the beginning of the level, or to the ... checkpoint if you've reached it. Beware of "Game Over"...

Kickstarter :

GladMort Gladmort_02

GladMort Gladmort_03

GladMort Gladmort_04

GladMort Gladmort_05

GladMort Gladmort_06

GladMort Gladmort_07
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