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 DanceDanceRevolution World

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PostSubject: DanceDanceRevolution World   DanceDanceRevolution World Clock_9Sun 26 May 2024 - 18:46

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_logo

DanceDanceRevolution World is the latest work in the DDR series.

It will be released in 2024.

The two main characters are Emi and Rage with new designs.

All the game screen have been renewed with new visuals.

The folder selection screen also has been renewed.

There is a  "FIRST STEP" folder where you can learn basic steps from famous songs, folders specialized in various genres, and folders where you can choose from all conventional songs:

- "Folders for beginners" with a simple screen, the difficulty level you can select is up to BASIC, so even those who are not familiar with the game can feel at ease.
- "ALL MUSIC folder", for people familiar to DDR. In addition to the usual various information displays, you can use the numeric keypad to use functions that are convenient for deep play, such as the filter function.

On the difficulty selection screen, the "Shock Arrow," "Speed ​​Change," and "Pause" gimmicks built into the music sheet will now be displayed as icons.

Licenced musics available at start:
"People Mania / Sasuke Haraguchi"
"Anonymous M / PinocchioP"
"Vampire / DECO*27"
"Saintly!! Loli God Requiem☆ / Shigure Ui (9 years old)"
"Kyukurarin / Weak"
"Pig Thunder / Yukopi"
"Strong Wind Slicked Back / Yukopi"
"Waking Up Palm Tree / Yukopi"
"Sign is B -New Arrange Ver.- / B Komachi Ruby (CV: Yurie Ikoma), Kana Arima (CV: Megumi Han), MEMcho (CV: Rumi Okubo)"
"No Tears Left to Cry" by Ariana Grande

Songs selected from the "DanceDanceRevolution 25th Anniversary Song Creator Audition":
"Arcadia / OMOCHI feat. Kanako Hoshino"
"Bad Youth Awake / Miini feat. Haramori Yoshina"
"Don't Stop The HYPERCORE / Halv"
"The Ashes of Boreas / Se-U-Ra"
"DanRevoAthlon / Atsumu Wonderful"


DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_01

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_02

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_03

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_04

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_05

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_06

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_07

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_08

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_09

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_10
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Number of posts : 4428
Age : 44
City : Andenne
Country : Belgium
Registration date : 2005-01-20

DanceDanceRevolution World Empty
PostSubject: Re: DanceDanceRevolution World   DanceDanceRevolution World Clock_9Sun 16 Jun 2024 - 13:58

DanceDanceRevolution World is out since June 12th.

DanceDanceRevolution WORLD has a  new game interface and the options screen and configurable items have also been renewed.
The "song selection screen" has a "FIRST STEP" folder for first-time players to learn basic steps from famous songs, as well as folders specialized for various genres, making it easier to choose songs that are easy to challenge
In addition, options that could only be changed on the official website in the previous title can now be set in the game, and a "filter" function has been added that allows you to specify various conditions to narrow down the songs you want to play.
Anew "flare skill" function has been introduced that visualizes the player's playing skills on a different axis from the "score" that quantifies the player's ability. When the "flare skill" reaches a certain value, the player's icon and rank name will increase, allowing the player to feel the growth of their own skills.
Many licensed songs have been added to make the game enjoyable for a wider range of people.

DanceDanceRevolution World Ddrworld_11
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DanceDanceRevolution World
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