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 Speed Rider 3

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Speed Rider 3 Empty
PostSubject: Speed Rider 3   Speed Rider 3 Clock_9Sat 6 Jan 2024 - 15:41

Speed Rider 3 Sr3_00

Motorbike racing game by IGS released in 2017.
The cabinet features a 42" full HD monitor and built-in sensor, camera and fan. Available as single and twin models.
The game supports up to 4 players by linking cabinets.
2 game modes: single and multiplayer.
There are 5 characters/bikes to choose from: King, Queen, Knight, Guru, Angel.
4 tracks are available, in forward and reverse modes: Thailand (easy), Beijing (normal), Indonesia (normal), Shanghai (hard)

- Lean left or right to turn left or right
- Twist the throttle to accelerate
- Press the left brake to drift
- Press the right brake to brake
- Press the S button to activate boost
- Lean forward to increase maximum speed

There's a reward system that allow you to unlock a mysterious super bike. To get it, scan the QR code at the end of the game, register your high score in the worldwide ranking and share it on Facebook, WhatsApp or Line to get a "Reward QR code" on your phone. The next time you play, select "Exchange Reward" on the vehicle section screen and show the Reward QR code to the cabinet's camera to get your new bike.

Cabinet dimensions (twin):
Width: 2485mm
Depth: 2125mm
Height: 2282mm
Power: 1200W


Speed Rider 3 Sr3_01

Visit the website. Wink
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Speed Rider 3
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