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 [For Sale] My collection of old PCBs

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[For Sale] My collection of old PCBs Empty
PostSubject: [For Sale] My collection of old PCBs   [For Sale] My collection of old PCBs Clock_9Wed 1 Jun 2022 - 10:30

Ill type it in english for all you french speakers :-p

Years ago a local bingo-king died, and while cleaning up his house with his son stumbled upon 100s and 100s of old games.

I got to take out what i liked my friend said, so i picked a few of my alltime favorites thinking after I score a cabinet ill be able to play them all ... NOT!

Too technical for me, so I admit failure, and the screen of my cabinet is horizontal (wonderboy) while it should be vertical (galaga)

The cards are to be taken 'as is'
- they worked when i got them
- packaged them as good is I then could
- have been kept dry nd verry dark all the time
- expect 'normal' things like batteries, broken capacitator here and there
- some cards are near mint, some not that good

If you want them, dont forget to pick them up here in Herentals and please only serious offers or ill put them on and go get them there. You buy the lot, all of them, if the prize seems right, i let you know .. is this according the policy here??

Oh: those 80s with their hardware-copie-scenes ... Years later I found out almost 50% where copied!! No wonder those gamblingbosses got so rich ... tought i had that on tbe list, but dropped off somewhere seems ...

It hurts (*), but they deserve better, here is the overvieuw, if you have questions, shoot! Pictures to follow later!!


Name JAMMA original condition
Olympic II
Hyper olympic (track and field)
Bomb Jack
Bomb Jack
Crush Roller
Block Out X                        zg
Old school unknown small PCB zg
Old school unknown small PCB zg
Scramble style bootleg PCB zg
Scramble style bootleg PCB zg
Time Pilot zg
Moon Patrol
Miss Pacman (1982)
Block Out X
Vega (Olympia) X zg
World Cup 90 X
Euro League X zg
City Connection X
Unknown X
Bank Panic
Scramble adapter zg
Scramble adapter zg
The Main Event X X
Naughty Monkey X
Tokio Scramble formation
Bomb Jack
Crazy (donkey) Kong adapter
Kickstart X
Take Off
Circus  Konami X zg
Mr TNT zg
Space Invaders Deluxe zg
Polaris zg
Polaris zg
Space Chaser zg
Space Chaser zg
Wonderboy zg
Super Contra X
Espinal adapter
Double Dragon X

(*) but not too much ;-) -> Pi2Jamma V2 Pro Interface Raspberry to Jamma Adapter
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[For Sale] My collection of old PCBs Empty
PostSubject: Re: [For Sale] My collection of old PCBs   [For Sale] My collection of old PCBs Clock_9Sun 26 Feb 2023 - 17:50

interested in vega pcb, bank panic and calaga.
Tell me something about..
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[For Sale] My collection of old PCBs
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