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 Ongeki SUMMER

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PostSubject: Ongeki SUMMER   Ongeki SUMMER Clock_9Sun 18 Aug 2019 - 10:34

Ongeki SUMMER Ongekisummer_logo

Ongeki SUMMER will be released on August 22.

The story will continue with Chapter 3: "Shooter Festival" and 3 new characters will be added. Ongeki SUMMER will be easier to play. The player level limit is changed from 999 to 9999. Some songs will be no longer available.


Ongeki SUMMER sortira le 22 août.

L'histoire continue avec le chapitre 3 "Shooter Festival" et 3 nouveaux personnages seront ajoutés. Ongeki SUMMER sera plus facile à jouer. Le niveau maximum des joueurs passera de 999 à 9999. Certaines chansons ne seront plus disponibles.


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PostSubject: Re: Ongeki SUMMER   Ongeki SUMMER Clock_9Tue 15 Oct 2019 - 15:21

Check out recently recorded videos!(´・ω・`) Touhou ~ How about progress? (From Ongeki Plus) Touhou ~ SCREAM OUT! Otoka Kagami RE: BREAK (From Ongeki Plus) Touhou-Cirno's Perfect Sansu Classroom (from Ongexama) Anime ~ Welcome to Japari Park (from Ongexama)

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