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 Las Vegas (Zwarteberg, Westouter)

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Las Vegas (Zwarteberg, Westouter) Empty
PostSubject: Las Vegas (Zwarteberg, Westouter)   Las Vegas (Zwarteberg, Westouter) Clock_9Sun 18 Mar 2012 - 13:12

The silent arcade killer struck again.

A lot of arcade cabinets have been removed from this once great arcade.
None of the removed games were replaced. (Well, they have been replaced by coin pushers and tickets redemtion machines).

Arm Champs II
ATV Track - Quads on Amazon
Cyber Cycles
Daytona USA
F355 Challenge (Deluxe)
The House of the Dead 2 --->REMOVED
The House of the Dead III (Deluxe)
Kart Duel 1P 2000 Namco --->REMOVED
Manx TT Super Bike (Twin)
OutRun 2 (Twin)
Rolling Extreme - Street Luge --->REMOVED
Scud Race
Sega Rally 2 Championship
Sega Touring Car Championship --->REMOVED
Silent Scope --->REMOVED
Time Crisis --->REMOVED
Time Crisis II (2P Link-up)
Tokyo Cop - S.P.R. (Deluxe)
Virtua Striker 3 --->REMOVED
Virtua Tennis 2 --->REMOVED

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Las Vegas (Zwarteberg, Westouter) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Las Vegas (Zwarteberg, Westouter)   Las Vegas (Zwarteberg, Westouter) Clock_9Sun 18 Mar 2012 - 13:38

I was just in the process of updating the page from your e-mail. Mr. Green

The location page was updated. Thanks! Very Happy

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Las Vegas (Zwarteberg, Westouter)
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