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 Buono Estente

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PostSubject: Buono Estente   Buono Estente Clock_9Tue 26 Oct 2010 - 22:27


Short (re)presentation from myself.

Born in 1976, grew up on C64 and Amiga computers, and pixel arcade games. worked 10 years as IT engineer currently in a project management thingy. Started life in Leuven, moved to Asse for 10 years and now living in Westerlo.

Currently collecting pinball machines and JAMMA games, together with some universal cabinets.

I also run a Mame-convertion / arcade cabinet cleanup / Retro Gaming / ... site called Rastermania ( ) and have an english-language blog on the Pinball, Arcade and Retro-Gaming adventures at

Thanks for reading, Peter. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Buono Estente   Buono Estente Clock_9Tue 26 Oct 2010 - 23:04

Hi Peter!

Thank you for your introduction!

I don't say welcome since you're around for some times now... Wink

Years ago, I used to go out at Extreme in Affligem, so I know Asse a bit. But I've never been to Westerlo though...

Amiga was THE game computer in the end of the 80's... even if I got an Atari ST. Mr. Green
I remember fondly of the Amiga vs Atari and Sega vs Nintendo wars. Nowadays, people fight over home platforms but they don't know why. Those machines got a soul which modern gear has not.

There's a revival of the "pixel" generation. But I don't remember "pixels". What I remember from those games are fantasy worlds, feelings, other dimensions, epic stories...

Due to the limitation of technology, realistic games were not possible (well, ok except maybe the Police Quest series). But these games forced the player's mind to imagine what existed behind the scrolling backgrounds, behind the screen limits. This created a whole generation of dreamers.

I think that today, we often insist too much on pixels (represented as big magnified squares) and not on the worlds they were part of. Imaginary worlds made of pixels. Those were the days.

Visit the website and my blog. - Linux user #448789 - B.U.B.
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Buono Estente
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