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 Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 vinyl soundtrack

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PostSubject: Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 vinyl soundtrack    Sat 7 Oct 2017 - 9:36

Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001  vinyl soundtrack pre-orders start today at Data Discs!

It's available as standard 180g black vinyl, Opaque Yellow and limited edition Orange/Clear/Yellow Tri-Colour with White Splatter.

Each edition includes a double-sided lithographic insert, featuring rare artwork from the Japanese archives and a special translucent OBI strip with fluorescent Pantone print.

Music is composed by Takushi Hiyamuta.


You can buy it here:

A1. Intro (Title Screen)
A2. The Military System (Operation Explanation / Ranking)
A3. Main Theme from Metal Slug (Stage 1)
A4. Inner Station (Stage 2)
A5. Assault Theme (Stage 3)
A6. Steel Beast 5Beats (Boss Stage)
A7. Carry Out (Stage Clear)

B1. Ridge 256 (Stage 4)
B2. Gerhardt City (Stage 5)
B3. Final Attack (Stage 6)
B4. End Title (Final Performance 1P)
B5. Hold You Still! (Final Performance 2P)
B6. Gravestone (Game Over)

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Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 vinyl soundtrack
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