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 Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING-

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Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING- Empty
PostSubject: Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING-   Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING- Clock_9Sat 25 May 2013 - 15:46

Sega held a private show for reporters and distributors at Pio Plaza in Ota (Tokyo) yesterday to announce the line-up of its upcoming titles until Autumn 2013.


Hier, Sega organisait un show privé réservé aux journalistes et aux distributeurs au Pio Plaza d'Ota à Tokyo pour annoncer le line-up de ses prochains titres jusqu'à l’automne 2013.

- maimai GreeN
- Border Break Ver.3.5
- Sengoku Taisen 1590
- Phantom Breaker Another Code ver1.1
- Under Night In-Birth Exeter
- Caladrius
- Horuka × Toluca (medal)
- Fist of the North Star (medal)
- Zukan no Tamago (kids)

Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING- Sp_07

Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING- Sp_01

Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING- Sp_02

Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING- Sp_03

Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING- Sp_04

Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING- Sp_06

Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING- Sp_05

Pictures: Famitsu
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Sega Private Show 2013 -SPRING-
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