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 System Board Y3

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PostSubject: System Board Y3   System Board Y3 Clock_9Sun 12 Sep 2010 - 22:02

SI Electronics annonce le System Board Y3, un nouveau système arcade avec affichage 3D sans lunettes (effet visible à 120°) grâce à l'ASIC Y3. Il se programme facilement car il est compatible OpenGL.


SI Electronics annonces the System Board Y3, a new arcade system with glasses-less 3D effect (effective in a 120° angle) thanks to its Y3 ASIC. This chip is easy to develop for since it's OpenGL compatible.


CPU: PowerPC 800MHz
Memory: DDR2-800 1GByte
Graphics: 2D drawing up to 18 billion pixel / sec
Polygon Drawing: up to 10 billion pixel / sec
Movie playback: support full HD video
Sound: 32 channels
Video connectors: Analog D-Sub 15pin x 2
Sound: 2ch RCA stereo connectors
I/O: JAMMA connector + JVS connector
Game Port I/O: 16 channels
Serial port

System Board Y3 Sby301

System Board Y3 Sby302

System Board Y3 Sby303
Original pictures from

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System Board Y3
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